Luggage for the Interview Season: SkyRoll

December 29, 2010

SkyRollA slight tangent off the normal career/job search oriented topics, I thought that I would write a little about travel. The interview season for urology residency applicants just recently wrapped up. During one of our recent interview days here, I was thinking back to those days on the road when I was interviewing and was very thankful that I wasn't criss-crossing the country and living out of my suitcase like those 4th year students have just finished doing.

There were innumerable stresses during those two months: flight delays/cancellations, car rentals, hotels, the interview itself, and even luggage. A busy interview season puts a decent piece of luggage through the ringer. Midway through the interview trail, I remember sprinting through Houston Intercontinental trying to make a connection when the shoulder strap on my suitcase broke. I made the connection, but I switched to wheeled luggage for the next trip.

Even though the wheeled carryon was better than the shoulder-toting bag, it was far from perfect. For interviews, suits are a must and there are not many good ways to pack suits. My solution during that 4th year interview season was just to wear my suit on the plane. It worked, but wasn't the ideal solution. And carrying traditional garment bags is, in my mind, for the birds.

Skyroll, openAnyway, I recently came across a product that I think is a tremendous improvement on all the other luggage out there. The SkyRoll. I purchased one from a local Men's Wearhouse and took it to a recent meeting for its maiden voyage. I was really pleased with how well it packed suits, shirts, and pants and how well it kept them from getting wrinkled.

The SkyRoll consists of a core that looks similar to other rolling carry-ons. The suitcase stands upright and you pack it in this manner, instead of laying on its side or back. With the suitcase upright, the top compartment opens to reveal a large space in which you can conveniently store your cell phone, toiletries, boarding docs, etc. and have them readily available to you at all times. The larger compartment has plenty of room to pack enough shirts, shorts, socks, etc. to last 4–5 days as well as a pair of shoes. There is also an integrated garment bag that holds up to 2 suits, a few shirts and pairs of pants. Once you have the core of the SkyRoll and your garment bag packed, you simply wrap the garment bag snuggly around the core. It attaches with velcro and snaps. You are then ready to jet set: wrinkle-free.

ToiletriesI bring this topic up now as many of you may soon be going on fellowship or job interviews in the coming months. If so, and you need a new bag, you might check out the SkyRoll.

If you have any travel tips, favorite new travel products, or a good TSA story, please reply and share!

Happy New Year!


Skyroll and Dog

This posting is not sponsored in any way by SkyRoll, but if they would like to donate a new SkyRoll to Urology Job Search, then I would be very happy to have it as a giveaway to one of our readers!