About Urology Job Search

Urology Job Search, LLC was founded by Ian Thompson and Chadwick Wood in mid-2010, and aims at being the #1 source for residents/fellows looking for their first jobs. We also want to be the first place employers look to when they want to find the best candidates.

Who We Are

Ian Thompson is currently a 4th year urology resident in Nashville, TN. As a 2nd year resident, he (and every other resident he knew) started receiving all sorts of emails and postcards advertising urology jobs, whether he wanted them or not. He also started paying attention to how his chief residents were going about the job search process. It became apparent that there was no central place to view every urology job currently available. Employers and recruiters advertise their urology job opportunities to residents via websites, postcard mailings, journal ads, emails, phone calls, etc., at an enormous cost. And, not all job opportunities are well-advertised, possibly due to it being cost prohibitive. All of this is to the disadvantage of the job seeking resident.

Ian took his idea and called a good friend from high school who is a really bright computer programmer/web designer, Chadwick Wood. After completing his computer science studies at University of Texas, he spent the next 5 yrs fine tuning his programming skills in San Francisco, before returning to Austin at the helm of his own business. After telling him the idea for creating Urology Job Search, he simply said no problem and the rest is what you see before you on this site.