An Introduction to Urology Job Search

August 09, 2010

This is my first step into the world of blogging. My goal is to write about the urology job search process and share what I've learned along the way. I also will point out how Urology Job Search can help urology residents/fellows and even practicing urologists find new job opportunities in the most efficient manner. You may have received an email about Urology Job Search, from me, where I spoke a little about the site, but I'm going to take this initial spot to go over the mission of our little venture.

I am currently a 4th year urology resident in Tennessee and I love what I do. I think I am very fortunate to have the opportunity to learn what I think is the very best specialty out there. We get to do cool stuff, usually have a good time doing it, and get to improve the lives of the patients for whom we take care. So, at the end of the day, when we get done with all of our training, we want to find that perfect job.

The thing that I've noticed as I've come up the ranks is that no one really teaches you anything about getting a job, just like they don't teach you how to run a practice. For the most part, you have to rely on what you've seen your chiefs do as they get ready to finish and hope they tell you about their experiences, the do's and dont's, etc. You might also have to rely on whatever a recruiter tells you. They can often be good, knowledgeable resources because they help doctors find jobs for a living, but you also have to realize that they have a dog in the fight as well and are incentivized to get you to sign up for a job for which they are recruiting. Then there are the ads, the emails, the postcards, etc. You have probably already noticed this by now, but there is a fair bit of demand for urologists these days. Heck, they only produce about 240-250 of us a year.

So, my goal was to create a website for the community of urology residents and fellows that is focused on helping them find the job they want in the least painful manner possible. I wanted this community to defer to the interests of the urologists. I want the ball to stay in your court and not sell any of your contact info to anyone, so you don't have to worry about employers or recruiters bombarding you with emails, postcards, telephone calls, or pages. You should be able to see every urology job opportunity in the U.S. that is advertised, at one spot: here. We are not quite there yet because employers and recruiters are still learning about the site. You can help us grow by mentioning our web site to employers and recruiters. Remember, the less money these guys spend on advertising the jobs, the more money they will have to create a better pay package for that prospective urologist.

We are not going to be a site that solely lists jobs; we are going to offer useful content that will help you not only in your job search but in your career as a urologist as well. I will be posting on this blog regularly. We will also have presentations you can go through on the site re: Cover Letters & CV's, how to start the job search process, what to do when you go on an interview and site visit, and how to negotiate a contract. We are also open to creating and posting content on any other relevant subjects that the community might be interested in learning more about.

Things to do:

  1. Create a free account, it takes less than a minute. (Employers, go here)
  2. Once you have an account, edit your profile so we know the states in which you might be interested in working and what type of practice model you think you're interested in working.
  3. Receive one email per month with the current job listings. You can also visit the site to see the most up to date job listings at any time.
  4. Stay tuned to the site for new, valuable content.

If you have any questions, gripes, complaints, ideas, or anything else... shoot me an email at:


Josh Crews writes:

I think the site looks great

Stacy Paige writes:


I believe you would be the right person at Urology Job Search to discuss about new data acquisition, in-house data licensing/appending/cleansing etc.

We can assist you with complete verified contact information of Urologists. Our database comes with complete details including emails and they are all permission pass emails.

Let me know if you are looking for any specific list requirement and we can revert with relevant information and few samples for your review.

Awaiting for your response.

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