August 09, 2011

The growth of the internet has allowed us to enjoy access to many new portals of information on just about any topic you could imagine. Urology is not a topic that is lacking when it comes to coverage on the web. Though, you sometimes need to sift through a lot to hone in on good sources.

I just wanted to let you all know about UroToday in case you have not yet come across it in your readings. As you know, there is an endless stream of research in the field of urology that comes out on a near daily basis. It is also often hard to stay up to date on all of the new developments within our specialty. UroToday is a good solution for providing a structured approach to staying well read and informed on the current topics of urologic research.

UroToday was started in 2003 as an open access portal to a large compendium of urology content. Due to costs associated with running the site, it recently became a subscription service. Though, I am glad to announce a good deal the publisher is offering for urology reisdents and fellows: The regular subscription rate for one year access to UroToday is $280.00, but residents and fellows can get a full-access subscription for $70.00! If you would like to learn more about getting this special rate for subscribing to UroToday, please email the publisher at the following email address: publisher@urotoday.com. Also, if you are interested in receiving the UroToday International Journal, you can add this to your order for just $30.00 more.

Subscription to UroToday includes the following:

  • Access to over 45,000 content items: Urotoday® offers integrated access to more than 45,000 items of content overseen by an editorial board that includes Co-Editors-in-Chief, Alan J. Wein, MD, PhD (Hon) and John Fitzpatrick, MD. Content is sourced from over 1,200 referenced publications. Each headline links to an abstract, summary or full text article.
  • Comprehensive coverage of all urological conditions: Evidence-based science covering over 24 urological disease states.
  • More than 100 clinical abstracts are posted each week covering a broad source of scientific publications. These abstracts are hand-selected by the editorial team, from all relevant urology publications.
  • Smarter Search: UroToday utilizes a powerful proprietary platform allowing for rapid search of journal articles, rich media, and other interactive content on the site.
  • UroToday UroAlert Services: UroToday allows members to receive daily custom-tailored alerts containing breaking news in the reader’s specific areas of interest.
  • CME: Included in the subscription are accredited CME programs bringing members clinical insight into the treatment of urologic conditions.
  • UroToday International Journal: UroToday also offers the peer-reviewed UroToday International Journal, led by Editor-in-Chief, Karl-Erik Andersson, MD, PhD. There is a separate or additional subscription fee for the journal – and is discounted when you purchase it with UroToday.

I believe the future of academic publishing is going to move more online. I will talk more about this in a subsequent blogpost. In the meantime, take a moment to check out UroToday and email the publisher to take advantage of their discounted subscription for residents and fellows.

P.S. For those who are planning on attending the South Central Section meeting next month, we look forward to seeing you there. Stay tuned to learn more about our upcoming reception at the SCS Annual Meeting on Friday, September 16th.