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Busier Than Usual Lately...• January 25, 2011

They say a picture is worth a thousand words so I want to substitute this picture for this month's entry:

<img src="/system/uploads/charlotte.jpg" width="544" height="408"...

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Luggage for the Interview Season: SkyRoll• December 29, 2010

SkyRollA slight tangent off the normal career/job search oriented topics, I thought that...

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Medical Licensing: Start Early• November 30, 2010

I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving holiday.

I am taking this opportunity to write briefly on medical licensing. This is most applicable for those that are in their chief year vs last year...

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The HCA Stipend Program• November 02, 2010

On the topic of augmenting your income while working as a resident or fellow: Do you know that many employers are offering stipend programs these days?

I had no idea that these sort of stipend...

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Earning Additional Income through Military Service• October 05, 2010

My father retired from the army after 23 years of active duty service, so I acknowledge that I may have some bias with regard to this topic based on my experiences growing up.

There are many...

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Credentialing: 2 Ways To Keep Track of Your Paperwork• September 07, 2010

A common theme of our career path in medicine is that we tend to work hard to reach one level, and then find ourselves having to apply and compete to make it to the next one. We work hard in...

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An Introduction to Urology Job Search• August 09, 2010

This is my first step into the world of blogging. My goal is to write about the urology job search process and share what I've learned along the way. I also will point out how Urology Job Search...

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